Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Orangutan at Bukit Lawang

Orangutan (Pongo abelii)

Orangutan is a unique primate. The word "orangutan" is taken from Indonesia word "Orang Hutan" means "a person who live in the Jungle" Orangutan can only be found in Sumatra and Borneo. Related to the meaning of the name, the primate is close relatives to human. Orangutan is quite smart and have a bit of intelligent like human. Now days, Orangutan population is getting smaller, almost extinct.

In the northern of Sumatra, there is a place in the national park of Gunung Leuser where Orangutan conserved and protected. This place is called Bukit Lawang. It is now a popular tourist attraction to visit the famous Sumatran Orangutan.Visitors who visit Bukit Lawang will also participate to conserve this beautiful animal by paying entrance fee. The money will go to the National Park and will be used for the nature conservation.

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